Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today and yesterday we have been in the mid 80's. Spring lasted 2 days I think. Actually, tomorrow will be in the mid 50's so I think spring is coming back. I hear of other places in the country having snow, and California breaking record temps. I'm not sure about global warming/cooling or whatnot, but something strange seems to be happening.

But the longer I live, the more convinced I am that the Lord God Almighty is in control. I wanted to post another WFW, but my computer is still not quite right and I haven't reloaded my pictures onto the machine. And I kinda need pics in order to do WFW, ya know?

My cardio workouts have been going well. I walked 5x last week and am shooting for 5x again this week. Hubby has promised me a professional pedicure if I complete 4 weeks of cardio 5x each week, so I am extra motivated to make it happen.

I have also been making cards. Lots of Mothers Day cards that I'm sending to my sister for her to sell at her school. A few thank you cards and some b-day cards as well. The last few times I've worked on the cards, they have really fallen together. Love that!

Last night, we went to a nearby park. It was so pleasant, and crowded! Who knew all these people would have the same idea. Thankfully, it is a large park. Lots of places for the kiddos to play, lots of picnic tables with people having bar-b-q's and b-day parties. A "beach" volleyball game was in play when we got there, teens playing frisbee on the grass, the nearby tennis courts in full use. Bikers, walkers, and skateboarders were all around. Mike and I had time to chat and relax on the grass and Joe had fun going down the slides. I defintely recommend going to parks in the spring and summer. Esp when one lives in a crackerjack box of an apt.

Til next time ....

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