Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2012 Recap

2012 came and went without a post here on Handmade Blessings.  To recap, I did buy my new sewing machine.  And I love it.  But all I've done is a bit of mending on it and a muslin of a shirt I'm tweaking.  I didn't get to all my crafting/sewing goals, no not even close.  I made a few cards, started sketching a bit, I also got a Cameo Silhouette cutter and made a few vinyl items on it.  But my year was mainly taken up with family obligations and I had several health issues that occupied my time and energy.  I'm hoping to be healthier this year and do more, but I'm not foolin myself.  I will never accomplish all that I could write on my project list. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Poor Sewing Machine

My sewing machine died a couple weeks ago. Technically its on life support as I could take it in a get it repaired, but its over 20 years old and doesn't have all the bells and whistles the new ones do. Even the cheap ones! It has been a good reliable machine for me, a Singer, but I really am wanting a new machine that can do more.

Yet I hesitate. In this economy. At this time of year. When money doesn't grow on trees. And yet, I could really use it right now. I'm frustrated that there are all these things I could be sewing, crafting and I don't have my machine. Arrrrggghhhh!

I have done a bit of research and found a Brother machine that looks like it would be a great fit for me. Its for the intermediate sewer, not beginner nor expert. Right where I would say I fit in the sewing world.

I would like to improve my sewing skills this coming year. Learn a few new techniques and work with some fabrics that I haven't yet, like silk, chiffon and suede. I mainly sew for my son: pants, shorts and pajamas, for myself: skirts, knit tops, purses, and for crafts: I have a kindle cover that only needs one more stitch and its finished. Oh, and I mend. Lots of mending here at this house. Thankfully I actually enjoy mending.

If I get the Brother I'll let you know. And maybe it'll inspire me to share more of what I'm creating.

Til next time ....

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Patterns

Joanne's had Butterick patterns on sale for 99 cents each, so I had to pick up a few. I have some stash fabric I want to use up, and I esp need some new tops, so this is what I chose.

Butterick 5046

I can see making view D for fall.

Butterick 4989

I esp love view D and will be making that view first

Butterick 5644

View C looks cute.

Butterick 5641

Love this dress!

Butterick 5657

And last is leggings. View D with the buttons on the side are cute

Got any new patterns? Working on anything new?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fingerless Mitts

Ever since I took up knitting again a few years ago, I have been ooogling and eyeing those cute, warm fingerless mittens. My knitting skills are still in the beginner arena, but I hope to challenge myself. Knitting some fingerless mitts would certainly do that. And I just found a blog that would give me all the patterns and inspiration I would need. If, like me, you'd like to knit up some fingerless mittens go check out Fingerless Mitts for Fall. I can already see many cute projects being knitted up this fall, winter and into spring.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Checkbook Covers

I found a checkbook cover pattern online a couple years ago, and made a couple for myself. One came out great, from some scrap fabric that I adored and only had a smigden leftover. The only problem was that when I got done with it, it was a tad small for my checkbook. But I have it in my purse and I use it for receipts, coupons and the stray dollar bill or five.

Last week I found a blog who has some cute checkbook covers to make and so I have to direct you to Robin's Nest. She doesn't have a tutorial, but since I have made these before, I think I can dig out my old pattern and just adjust the measurements to suit.

So how bout you? What are you working on in the crafting arena?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Make Your Own 10 Minute Pouch

I love finding great projects that others do. The blogosphere is full of talented crafters and sewers. They are inspiring. Once in awhile, I find one that I need to make sure I don't lose, so I write a post here about it. Link to it. And thus create a permanent record. I hope that you enjoy seeing these posts too and visit the creative crafters blog.

Today's feature is a new blog I found After The Dress Such a cute name, huh?

She makes these great pouches and gives a tutorial on how to make them. Sweet! I love tutorials, as I can't always visualize how something should go together. I can see using up alot of scrap fabric with this project in lots of cute fabrics. I can also see giving these a little gifts to teachers,friends and family.

So how bout you? Found any great tutorials lately? What crafty projects are you working on right now?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Any One Else ....

Anyone else getting tired of this burlap craze? When I saw the first couple projects people were coming out with burlap, I thought: that's cute. But after awhile, when half the crafts I see on the blogs I frequent use that ubiquitous burlap it gets old real quick! Let's move on peeps. There are other mediums/fabrics out there. Just my humble opinion ....

How bout you? Anything you're sick of seeing out there in the crafting blogosphere?