Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where's My Mojo???

its gone! vamoosh! outahere! bye-bye!

i hope it returns. in my mind, i'd really like to get going on a few projects, but i just don't have it in me right now. a friend asked me the other day what i was working on and i had to answer: nothing, nada, nope! i had started knitting a dishcloth last month but the #1 son got ahold of it and tore it off. i cut out the pattern for my muslin, but i'm really not liking the muslin fabric. first time doing a muslin so i'm having a hard time getting motivated to pursue it. and yet, i really love the fabric that i got for the real thing and just need to do this. sigh .... and i really, really need some new tops. wouldn't that motivate you? since my fullblown mother's day card crafting i haven't made any more cards. oh, i've dabbled a little, stamping a few images that need coloring, but no creative putting together of anything. the mojo is just not with me. neither is the "force"!

maybe i'll blame it on the great summer weather, the outdoors calling my name, the bike rides i've been taking, the walks after dinner with the family and the picnics.

til next time, happy crafting!

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