Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finally ... A Few New Cards

i finally got some new batteries for my camera so i could take pics of the cards i have recently created. and now i can show them off to you. making cards is therapy for me, but i also hope to sell some and make a few bucks to support my paper and embellishment habit. since moving to boise, i have found a couple great paper stores and i have to limit my time i spend there as well as the money ... i spend there!

let me know if you like any of these cards and if you have a favorite. we bloggers love comments, you know!


*carrie* said...

Those are all really cute, Gail. Maybe you could do a giveaway sometime? =)

Anonymous said...

Gail, that's wonderful! I've been making some cards too, someday maybe I'll try selling ;) Yours are really nice