Monday, November 17, 2008

Update On My Cards

remember i showed you a bunch of cards i made to mail to my sister so she could put up for sale in her teacher's lounge. she called to tell me that they came, she looked at them and she and a friend decided to buy them all! i'm so excited!!! plus, her friend has commissioned me to make 5 Christmas cards for her.

i am so thrilled, and excited to create some Christmas cards for someone who loves cards like i do. plus getting paid for my work is a nice bonus. so i'm heading into my craft studio this afternoon to see what kind of crafty creative ideas i can come up with. and before i send them off i'll be back here showing them off.

how 'bout you? are you crafting for Christmas yet? love to hear what projects you are embarking on.

1 comment:

*carrie* said...

Good for you, Gail!

Thanks for the idea for today's post--was fun to work on it with my mom and sis.