Saturday, December 27, 2008

this n that update

well, i've been lame in posting here. i was busy! i know, excuses, excuses!

i crafted a bunch of cards for my sister and her friend and had to get the cards to them in time. one thing i never realized is how many shades of green there are even in Christmas themed paper. i think i had 5-6 papers and they all had a different shades of green. but i got more papers and made it work. it was alot of fun. now i'm back in the crafting studio making b-day cards, thank you cards, and starting to think about V-day.

i also have been knitting. finished my sage green scarf. have started a pink one, but need to frog it. too wide. havne't found my yarn for the collar scarf i posted about. maybe next week i'll venture out to the yarn store. we've been snowed under here.

have a wonderful crafting day!

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