Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Word for 2009

i published this over at my other blog a couple days ago, but i felt that it really fit with my theme here at handmade blessings. so enjoy the rerun if you read both blogs, and if you don't read both, then this will be new to you!

i'm pondering on a new word for 2009. for the past several years i have chosen a word to represent the new year, which i wrote about in detail here, some years i hit the mark, and others (like 2008) the word is a bit of a dud. one of my problems is remembering what word i have chosen!!

but this year, i want to try something different, or rather add something to my word. ali over at ali edwards also has been choosing a word for awhile, and she suggests creating a visual to remind you of your word all year long. being a visual person myself, i really like that idea. it can be as simple as just writing it on a piece of paper and taping it on your monitor, or as elaborate as making a scrap page with it, or creating a shadowbox. you choose! but the thing is, then you have something to look at, and remind yourself of what you are aiming for during the year.

here is a snippet of her ideas from her blog:
Now that many of you have chosen a word for the year, what will you do to keep it in mind throughout the year? It can be very simple or complex, a craft/scrapbooking project or a simple reminder in your planner or on your bulletin board. Some sort of visual reminder is a great way to add a bit of focus to your word.

Here's a couple ideas for honoring your word this year:

• Go through some magazines looking for your word or themes/phrases/etc that relate to your word. Cut them out and collage them together as a visual reminder. This could grow and expand throughout the year.
• Commission or locate a piece of jewelry that features your word. I am ordering a necklace with "vitality" from Lisa Leonard. Love this as a daily visual reminder.
• Print out a word card and place it where you will see it everyday (a bathroom mirror or refrigerator or bulletin board are all front and center).
• Start a journal to document thoughts, feelings, experiences you have with your word over the course of the year. This could be a visual journal or just focus on the words. Your journal could be as simple as a Word document on your computer.

she also has a list from last year of all the words that her readers chose for themselves. and she has ALOT of readers. after skimming thru the list i have several that i'm thinking over ... i haven't decided yet, but i do have 2 more days before 2009 is officially here, so i think i'm ok. for now.

how bout you? are you choosing a word to represent 2009? want to share what it is? are you creating a visual to remind yourself of your word? if you are, leave me a link. i want to see what you're doing!

and don't worry, once i decide, i'll share my word with you. and the visual i choose to make.

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