Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Goals This Fall

I think becuz my hubby goes back to school in a few weeks, and our son starts a week later, I'm thinking about new routines, new clothes, and new challenges. I have been knitting now for a few years, but have only been doing scarves and dishcloths. Last year I bought a booklet on how to knit socks. I really, really want to learn to knit socks. So this is my goal for the fall. I think I may need to take a class. I've looked at the directions in the booklet and I just don't get it yet, so some instruction is in order.

I also want to challenge my sewing skills this year. I'm not sure what project to tackle, but I'm thinking maybe a dress or dressy shirt that uses techniques I haven't mastered yet. Or maybe use a fabric that is a bit more challenging, like velvet, chiffon, or satin. I'm intrigued with the idea of sewing a bra and panties like some of the ladies do. I'm probably intrigued becuz I'm in desperate need of a couple new bras.

So what goals do you have for the fall?

Til next time ....

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gaylen said...

Thanks for stopping by. I had to come check you out :)

My goals are a bit more basic-find employment and lose about 20. It's been too hot to do much about the losing, but I have been enjoying tons more summer fruit. Hoping to get some sewing done today :) g