Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Cards, Little Sewing

I have been able to do some card making and here are 2 of my latest works. Sorry about the color, the manilla folder they are on is a hideous color.

The sewing is non-existant now. I cut out a black slim skirt out of some bottomweight cotton I have had in the stash for years. Its an easy pattern and a style I've sewn before, so that's not causing the slowdown. The weather is! We are still having 80's and 90's here and that doesn't motivate me to make a skirt for Fall or Winter. But we're suppose to drop to 70 next week, followed by a day at 60! From there, its anyones guess as to where we'll be. But in case Fall does decide to make an appearance, I bought some black corduroy for pants for the #1 son, some purple jersey knit for a top for me, and a beautiful dark purple suede for a vest for myself. The vest will be a real stretch for me as I've never done a lining and haven't done buttonholes in eons. But I got the fabric at Joanne's for a steal, so if it doesn't turn out its not a huge loss.

So what about you? What are you working on as we transition into Fall?

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