Friday, September 19, 2008

Blogs of Interest

have you seen stephanie's blog A Year of Crockpotting??? she is an amazing woman who decided to give herself a challenge. for all of 2008 she wanted to use her crockpot every day! now i love my crockpot and i use it about 1x a week, but i'm not sure i could use mine every day of a whole year! i'm impressed that stephanie would set out to use her crockpot daily and has been doing it!

i haven't followed her religiously, but ramble over there every once in awhile. the thing i like about stephanie's blog is that she includes pictures (a must in my mind), she gives directions, and she gives a review of how it turned out. i like that she does main dishes, but she doesn't stop there. she cooks b'fast in her crockpot, desserts, side dishes and more. she has even done craft projects in her crockpot!

if you haven't stumbled upon stephanie's blog go over now! but then come back here of course. and tell me what kitchen appliance could you use every day of the year? me? i could probably use my bread machine, tho that would be disastrous to my waistline!!!


*carrie* said...


I've stopped by there a couple times--I'd forgotten about it so will have to visit soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! You're linked to my iPod Cozy, which is how I found you, but that link you have to the crockpot blog is awesome. Plus I've had lots of fun looking around yours, love the colors you're using.

The appliance I use everyday is my oven. It's so easy to throw a chunk of meat in a roasting pan with a bunch of root veggies and some broth and seasonings, it's one of our favorite meals. Plus I love to make bread in the bread machine but bake it in the oven so I can use my favorite loaf pans. So, the oven wins, hands down. :0)