Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Welcome to My New Crafty-Food Blog

if you found me, welcome! if i'm talking to myself, well that's nothing new.

i decided that my main blog challenges and adventures has too many fires in the iron, and i need to bring its focus into a narrower field of vision. so i thot i'd make a 2nd blog for my craft projects, ideas and failures and my food recipes, successes and indulgences. with pics, of course!

a little background for all my groupies: i have been crafting since grade school. i dabble in a bit of everything. i remember painting a project for school at home. i must have been 3rd or 4th grade. we had to draw lines and then i painted in between the lines blue and orange. my lines were small and the paper was huge! it took me hours. finally at the end i was so impatient to be done that i erased a bunch of lines and just painted it! that's kind of how i am with crafts too. don't give me too much work, if i can do it in an afternoon thats my style. tho i have been known to take several afternoons to finish something. i've also been known to throw something in the trash half way thru as well!

right now my favs are knitting, bead work (mainly bracelets and earrings), sewing (tho i'm still not very good at it) and paper crafts.

my favorite things to cook/bake are desserts. tho having just started a weight loss regime that's a bit of a dilemna for me ... i also like to entertain and cook for a large crowd. i enjoy trying new recipes and perfecting old ones.

i also love to cruise around the internet and find wonderful links for y'all. (no i'm not from the south, tho i did live in OK for 3 months. does that count?) so check in and see who i've found on the internet who is making a splash on the net.

i'm still in the process of setting it up, but come on in. look around a bit, and then come back later. there will more by that time, i'm sure.

til then ... happy crafting and cooking, gail

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