Thursday, January 1, 2009

Weekly Bread Baking Challenge

yesterday i found a great blog. its written by molly and one of the things that caught my interest is her weekly bread making/baking challenge. i love what she calls it: One Good Loaf. here are her words to explain it.

One good loaf is weekly bread baking project for home bakers. We each choose our own recipes, convenient baking time, and then share photos, tips and ideas in our flickr group pool. This site provides resources and information to participants, and serves as a project diary for Molly Irwin, group founder.

isn't that great? so i'm diving in. i'm signing up. since i make bread in my breadmaker anyway, i thot this would be a good way for me to experiment with new recipes, have some folks to talk bread baking with, and add some interest to my blog here. if you want to join in, go visit molly's blog. and even if you don't want to join in the baking challenge, go visit. she has other crafty things on her blog as well as baking.

i'll be posting my weekly bread baking results and recipes here at handmade blessings. and if you have any favorite, or just interesting bread recipes, please share.

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