Tuesday, October 28, 2008

more news

wow---was it really a whole week ago that i last posted here. life has been busy. i'm finding i dont' get alot done on the weekends, personally, craftily, or houseworkwise either. this past sunday i caught up on my sleep and had a delicious nap in the middle of the day.

but, good news! i have been making progress on the craft area and have been making cards. i have 7 done and ready to be photographed and then sent to my sis to sell at her school. if you read my previous posts about my card photography skills you know i need to figure out how to take better pics. any hints? any ideas what i might be doing wrong? when i catch my breath after making more cards, i have mending to do first, but soon hope to get to my sewing machine. what is it about fall that makes me want to nest and make new bedding, slipcovers, pillowcases and all.

in fact, i have an upcoming post from another blogger who made slipcovers for her couch pillows. she did an outstanding job, and i can't wait to share her with you.

i also have found other bloggers that are simply much more talented than i. i'm toying around with just showcasing others wonderful stuff! but i dont' think i could do that totally. i'll have to think on this more ... and if you have any ideas,or want to see something specific on handmade blessings, please leave me a comment! i love comments!

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