Wednesday, October 15, 2008


sorry i've been MIA. was sick over the weekend, and #1 son had something going on. took him to doc and dentist and couldn't find anything the matter.

i did get a chance to dig out some card making supplies and do a little creative crafting. nothing to show yet. still can't find certain necessary items, such as my paper cutter, white cardstock and such ... soon!

checked out the book "sew what! skirts" from the library. am looking forward to trying her way of making skirts. have my eye on the A-line skirt, the straight skirt called polka dotty and asian ties, and the east meets west under the tiers chapter. i have fabric for at least one of these skirts that i picked up last spring. and i'm sure if i look thru my stash i might find more goodies. i'm really trying to be a "good girl" and use up as much of my stash as possible before buying anymore fabric. we'll see how "good" i am!

anybody reading any good crafting/sewing books lately?

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