Saturday, January 10, 2009

my word for 09

i don't think i let in on the word i chose for this year to all of you. i wrote about it here, but i'll just give you the nutshell version. i chose the word contentment. i really need contentment in my life in a million different areas. i need to embrace where i am and focus in on the moment in this life.

so i found a rectangle frame: its probably 8-10 inches tall and about 4-5 inches wide. love its shape. i want to do something with the word contentment going down vertically and then have some embellishments on the side. i'm still brainstorming ... i'm leaning towards pink, cuz that is a happy color for me, tho i could go in a total different direction. you just never know with me. sage/celery green might be nice ... or maybe a buttery yellow?? as you can see, i'm not married to the color scheme yet.

i tend to take my time when i'm in the mulling over process, but look for the finished product sometime this month --hopefully!

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